Students Learning from Human Stories [25:35]

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Ruth Mitchell, a librarian in Eureka, California, who discovered an exciting program she couldn't wait to adapt and share with her students. She modeled her program on The Human Library (, an international initiative that takes a creative approach to teaching students inclusion and empathy by bringing in guest speakers from ranging backgrounds, and framing them as human "books" with unique human stories for students to explore. Enjoy this conversation, which includes tips on how to bring human stories into your own library.

0:00 Introduction
2:52 People as Books
5:12 Finding Participants
7:39 Facilitating the Experience
10:18 Using Human Stories to Inquire about Diversity and Equity
13:21 Expanding the Program
14:58 Inspiring Inquiry through Human Stories
17:50 Building Community Connections
21:54 Inspiring Students to Explore Careers
23:49 Advice for Getting Started

Barbara K. Stripling and Ruth Mitchell

MLA Citation

Stripling, Barbara K., and Ruth Mitchell. "Students Learning from Human Stories [25:35]." ABC-CLIO Solutions, ABC-CLIO, 2023, Accessed 28 Jan. 2023.

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