Bringing Income and Wealth Inequality to Students
Primary Sources for the Classroom

Although high school students are only just beginning to enter the workforce, their lives and experiences have already been heavily shaped by the income and wealth inequalities present within the United States and globally between nations. These primary sources can be used in the classroom to deepen students' understanding of income and wealth inequalities among different groups within the United States, as well as how the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated disparities between rich and poor countries.

Resource Type: Facts & Figures
This table offers an easy way to compare the earning power of individuals in the United States in 2021 based on race and gender. What patterns does the data reveal?
Resource Type: Facts & Figures
The gap between CEO and average worker pay has grown substantially in recent years, though the discrepancy varies substantially between companies. This table serves as an excellent jumping-off point for discussions of income inequality in the United States.
Resource Type: Other
Oxfam's report on the impacts of COVID-19, published in January 2021, provides an excellent overview of how the global pandemic revealed and exacerbated economic inequalities around the world.
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