Deep Reading during Inquiry [34:50]

The act of inquiry goes hand in hand with deep reading. Just ask Kelly Gallagher: author, teacher, and expert consultant on literacy education. Kelly and I sat down recently to talk about how educators can help students use inquiry to find new levels of meaning when they read. From the importance of contextualization, to how graphic organizers can serve as tools for discovery, we discuss both the value of deep reading in a student's learning development, and the sense of intellectual empowerment students can gain from engaging in the process.

0:00 Introduction
4:51 Context and Framing in Deep Reading
12:11 Three Steps for Deep Reading (Plus One More)
20:34 Graphic Organizers to Support Deep Reading
25:46 Librarian and Classroom Teacher Collaboration

Barbara K. Stripling and Kelly Gallagher

MLA Citation

Stripling, Barbara K., and Kelly Gallagher. "Deep Reading during Inquiry [34:50]." ABC-CLIO Solutions, ABC-CLIO, 2022, Accessed 4 Oct. 2022.

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