Blending Social, Emotional, and Cognitive Learning: Part One [22:18]

In this two-part video series, Barbara Stripling and fellow School Library Connection Topic Editor Jacquelyn Whiting examine ways to support the development of their students' social, emotional, and cognitive development through methods of inquiry. In Part One, they break down key skills vital to a student's ability to navigate their world and contribute to it, starting with self-awareness: "Helping students understand who they are as individuals," says Whiting, "helps them understand their role in a community, which then enables them to be responsible contributors to that community." In Part Two, the discussion turns to pedagogy and practice, as Jackie describes projects she has devised to help her students strengthen these important skills.

0:00 Introduction
2:02 The Social and Emotional Skills Students Need
10:09 Blending Inquiry with Social and Emotional Learning
18:41 Social and Emotional Learning in Collaboration

Click here for Part Two.

Barbara K. Stripling and Jacquelyn Whiting

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Stripling, Barbara K., and Jacquelyn Whiting. "Blending Social, Emotional, and Cognitive Learning: Part One [22:18]." ABC-CLIO Solutions, ABC-CLIO, 2022, Accessed 4 Oct. 2022.

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