Climate Change

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This research list includes resources to provide an understanding of climate change. Topics include anthropogenic global warming, greenhouse gases, the Paris Agreement, and how climate change is affecting people right now.
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    Chronology of important events.
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    Greenhouse gases are chemical compounds that contribute to the greenhouse effect, a process in the atmosphere that causes global warming.
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    On many small islands around the world, rising seas have become everyday news, and global warming has become a direct threat to their existence.
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    The warming of the world's oceans has affected not only the animals who live above the surface, but also those that live below.
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    Photo Essay: Retreating glaciers in Patagonia
    Resource Type: Photos & Illustrations | Region: South America
    Melting Patagonian glaciers have contributed to 2% of the global rise in sea level since 1998.
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    Resource Type: Reference Articles
    Greta Thunberg's climate strikes are a series of protests involving young people across the world seeking action against climate change from the international community.
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    The role human activity plays in climate change is known as anthropogenic global warming.
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    The issues and potential impacts of climate change highlight how people, places, regions, and environment are truly interconnected.
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    Resource Type: Reference Articles | Region: Europe
    The 2015 Paris Agreement, officially called the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, is a global cooperative effort to combat the threat of climate change.

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