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Diplomacy and Conflict • Negotiating Peace: Diplomacy During WWII

Lee Eysturlid

Lee W. Eysturlid is a history instructor at Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy in Aurora, Illinois. He also serves as an adjunct for Northwestern Universitys School of Continuing Studies program. Dr. Eysturlid earned his PhD in history from Purdue University, where he specialized in Intellectual Military History and the Habsburg and Ottoman empires. He is a member of the Citadel Historical Association and is an ABC-CLIO History Fellow. His published works include Philosophers of War: The Evolution of History's Greatest Military Thinkers (Praeger, 2013) and The Formative Influences, Theories, and Campaigns of the Archduke Carl of Austria (Praeger, 2000)..

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"Negotiating Peace: Diplomacy during Wwii." ABC-CLIO Solutions, ABC-CLIO, 2020, Accessed 6 Apr. 2020.

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