The Vietnamese Refugee Experience
Activity - Focus on Primary Sources

Educator Guide | Activity
What were some of the experiences and challenges that refugees from Southeast Asia faced upon coming to the U.S.?
  1. View each oral history video. As you watch, fill in the charts on the Worksheet, using the Oral History Source Analysis Guide as a model. You may need to watch the videos more than once to fill in the charts.
  2. Next, on the last page of the Worksheet, write four paragraphs about the oral histories you viewed:
    1. First paragraph: describe the experiences and messages of Ming Quan Chang and Phillip Van.
    2. Second paragraph: explain any questions you still have that weren't answered in the videos. Are there questions you still want to ask of Ming Quan Chang or Phillip Van?
    3. Third paragraph: give specific reasons why you think these oral histories are important.
    4. Fourth paragraph: connect these oral histories to key themes, questions, controversies, or debates from the past or present.
Activity Worksheet
As you explore the sources, print and use this worksheet to help keep track of your findings and answer the Inquiry Question.
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