Chicano Mural Movement
Activity - Focus on Primary Sources

Educator Guide | Activity
In this activity, you will learn about the characteristics of Chicano murals and analyze three murals to identify those characteristics. Next, you'll create your own artwork, using some of the elements common to murals of the Chicano movement.
  1. Read the article on the Chicano Mural Movement found in Sources. As you read, make a list of the characteristics of the Chicano murals of the movement. Share your list with your class, or a small group.
  2. Examine the three murals and answer the following questions:
    1. Which characteristics from your list does the mural contain?
    2. What symbols or iconography (visual imagery) do you notice?
    3. What clues does the artist include to help identify the historical, political, or social elements in the mural?
    4. Consider where the mural physically "lives." Does that help you determine the audience for which it was created?
    5. What do you think the artist is documenting about his or her community in the mural? Or, what do you think the purpose of this mural is? To inform or persuade?
    6. How does the mural make you feel? Do you think the artist intended for you to feel that way when looking at the mural?
  3. Next, design your own piece of art using the list of characteristics you've already created. Make it personal. Consider including the following elements:
    1. Your community and its characteristics, including symbols
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