Social Media Platforms and Content Censorship
Activity - Focus on Primary Sources

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In this activity, you will investigate the current debate over whether social media platforms should censor some of their content, as well as the pros and cons of such censorship. Then, you will evaluate different types of information and participate in a debate with your classmates, using your evaluation of the sources to support your position.

1. Social Media Censorship: Both Sides of the Issue
In the Background Information, review the pro/con arguments on the issue of whether social media platforms should censor their content, organizing your notes on the Worksheet.

2. Evaluate Your Sources
Each piece of information in the Sources section below presents information or a point of view to consider as you prepare to take a pro or con position in the debate. But, as you review the information, you should also evaluate the reliability of the information.

In your review, evaluate the information by using the following principles and questions, organizing your research on the Worksheet:
A. Currency—When was the information published or posted? Is the information current for the issue you are researching?
B. Relevance—Who is the intended audience for the information? Is it necessary to help you take a position on the issue?
C. Authority—Who is the author or source of the information? What are the qualifications the author or source has to write on the issue?
D. Accuracy—What evidence, arguments, or examples (if any) does it

Activity Worksheet
As you explore the sources, print and use this worksheet to help keep track of your findings and answer the Inquiry Question.
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