East Asian Economies

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In this activity, you will learn about the postwar economic booms in East Asian economies. Then complete a Venn diagram and analyze the similarities and differences between the economies of Japan, China, and the "Four Asian Tigers."
  1. Read "A Multipolar World: Rise of China," and watch the videos "Post-War Asian Economies" and "China's Economic Boom," found in Sources. As you read and watch, think about how Japan's economic successes affected other Asian countries, and how their experiences differed from one another.
  2. Pair up with another student and complete the Venn diagram Worksheet.
  3. Discuss and reflect with your partner, after completing the Venn diagram, what you think are the key similarities and differences in the economic growth of the various countries and how that led to variances in each country's growth.
  4. Bring your ideas to a big-picture class discussion on how the similarities and differences led us to today's economic climate in Asia.
Activity Worksheet
As you explore the sources, print and use this worksheet to help keep track of your findings and answer the Inquiry Question.
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