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In this activity, you will learn about globalization. You'll collect information to discover where in the world everyday items that you use come from. Then, you'll analyze all that you've learned to draw conclusions about how globalization affects Americans today.
  1. Review the Sources to learn more about the global economy.
  2. Next, look around you and consider:
    1. Where do you think the goods you see come from?
    2. What about the clothes you are wearing? Do you know where they are from?

In all likelihood, your shoes were made in China. It's also likely that your phone was made in South Korea, the overhead projector was made in Taiwan, and the textbook was printed in India. As you have read, this is all part of globalization.

  1. Jot down your ideas or discuss these questions with a partner:
    1. How has globalization benefited you?
    2. What are some of the potential disadvantages?
  2. Next, conduct research to learn more about where items you use every day are from.
    1. Look at the tags on your clothing and labels on other items in the classroom.
    2. Use the Worksheet to note the name of the product, the manufacturer, and where it was made. (It is important to note that the label will show where the product was assembled, not where the raw materials came from or where the headquarters of the manufacturing company is located.)

Try to find at least 5 items that have labels showing

Activity Worksheet
As you explore the sources, print and use this worksheet to help keep track of your findings and answer the Inquiry Question.
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